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Married with two grown up children, I’m an award winning photographer with the Guild of Photographers, Anglican Priest & passionate about mental health. My work combines the creativity of photography with mindfulness and my postgraduate study of War and Psychiatry.



After a short career in business I was ordained, joining the RAF Chaplains’ Branch in 2000. Service life took me around the world, at times exposing me to extreme experiences of trauma and poverty. These events impacted me emotionally and I received professional help following my last deployment to Afghanistan due to the anxiety & flashbacks I experienced.

Leaving the military I trained in professional photography. I discovered how this art form helps us centre in the moment and see in new ways. Drawing on my learning from Kings College London I knew how centring in the present moment is a place of healing and emotional strength and wellbeing.

We can never change past events but we do have a choice over how these events shape our present and future life. My own experiences in the military have taught me the value of life. Image creation provides a language where words are not possible and whilst I can never unsee the violence I’ve been exposed to, I can choose to use my visual awareness to discover our world’s more plentiful images of beauty, life & hope.

The smartphone camera has transformed people today into photographers and visual story tellers. My work makes mindfulness accessible by using something people are already doing (taking pictures on a smartphone) and showing how this photography can centre you in the present moment thereby strengthening your resilience and emotional wellbeing.

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