5 Day Retreat



Using light as a metaphor for life this retreat uses ancient wisdom from the Christian tradition to explore our life.  Usually run at Christian retreat centres the format accommodates the community’s daily rhythm of life and has been successfully run at Sheldon & Penhurst retreat centres.  Starting on Monday evening & finishing after lunch on Friday a different characteristic of light is explored each day with lots of space to create images. A camera is required, but a smartphone is fine and each evening images are shared together usually printing one for each participant using a high quality thermal printer.  The format makes it accessible for people of any faith or no faith and some technical guidance is offered on using a camera.

Day 1. The Gift of Photography

We must never forget that it is not photography which is important but how we see the world around us

Day 2. The Colour of Life

Discover how colour affects our emotions.  ‘To be an artist it is necessary to live with our eyes wide open, to breath in the colours of mountain and sky’.  Jan Philips.

Day 3. The Direction of Light

The direction of light gives shape and texture to our images. When we move in relation to the source of light objects look very different

Day 4. The Quality of Light

Depending on the size of the light source, light can produce dramatic shadows or be more gentle and diffused.

Day 5. Seeing beauty in the ordinary

When we learn to see in a contemplative way we will be amazed at where we find beauty. It surrounds us everyday, if we but stop and stare.

I am far more aware of the beauty of God’s creation. behind what we see in our everyday lives. I now think more about the images I want to receive, take my time and pause for a moment. I see the light in more ways than one!


Penhurst Retreat Centre

I was anxious as I’m a complete novis with the camera. I quickly realised I need not fear, the realization that we receive images rather than take was illuminating. The meditations were very personal and I responded well to them


Penhurst Retreat Centre

Thanks Steve for an inspiring retreat. I feel I have only just touched the surface and will carry on the good work you have begun, to receive photos as a gift. I shall be referring a lot to the booklet which accompanied the retreat as I reflect on my daily life.


Penhurst Retreat Centre

2018 Dates

Sheldon Retreat Centre, Devon

Mon 14 – Fri 18 May 2018

Sheldon sits within the beautiful Devon countryside and is committed to being inclusive to everyone.