1 Day Retreat



This retreat / workshop is brought to you and run in your local community with the aim of helping to see your local context in new ways; discovering beauty within the familiar and ordinary. The workshop does not use any religious language so is ideal for churches seeking different ways to engage with people as well as local community groups with no religious affiliation.  Throughout the day photography and mindfulness are combined showing you how to use the camera as a contemplative tool as well as sessions exploring beauty, story and light. In the afternoon everyone goes out to photograph using these new skills before coming back together to view each others pictures.  A camera is required, but a smartphone is fine.  You’ll find the techniques taught are great things to weave into your daily life to help reduce stress and anxiety by centering in the present moment.

Session 1. Seeing beauty

When we stop and look we find the ordinary to be extra-ordinary

Session 2. Contemplation & Photography

Contemplation is the highest expression of a person’s intellectual and spiritual life.
Thomas Merton

Session 3. Light & Story

Stories are all around us when we look and our camera helps us tell those stories

Session 4. Photography Walk

Taking the morning’s teaching to see the world with fresh eyes

I got a lot out of the day. After Steve’s input in the morning I was really looking forward to going out with my camera and taking some pictures. The whole idea of seeing beauty in the ordinary really appealed to me. As a non-technical person I was relieved that I did not need to know about lens, filters, apertures etc. I was also pleased that I could take some interesting photos with a bog standard basic digital camera.

I thought the final session where we looked at different photos people had taken was amazing. Everyone had found something interesting and some of the results were astonishing.



2018 Dates

Available around the UK

Please get in touch to bring this retreat / workshop to you. Ideal numbers are 10 to 15 people.